About me

I love the sound of dices being shaken, ringing slot machines, shuffled card decks, the clink of casino chips and the sound of happy winners! I really enjoy visiting casinos and there has been some visits during the years! Nowadays I mostly play casino on the Internet, but sometimes I sneak in to a casino just to feel the atmosphere and hear all the familiar sounds of gambling activity.

I am a black jack person and lucky for me there is plenty of opportunities to play black jack online and in real casinos. The reason to why I now prefer playing online is that you can find so many variations of black jack at online casinos, you will never become bored of it. Another reason is that the betting limits are lower.

Ironically I am a teatcher in mathematics, and in a rational view I shouldn´t gamble, but I guess we humans are complex creatures that do irrational things sometimes! I love my work and I find it meaningful educating. It´s also a challenging job where you always have to adept to your pupils needs and level of knowledge.

For now I live in a flat in England. My kids are grown up and I am divorced. Among my interests are books, travelling, space and of course casino! I have travelled around Europe, Asia and been in the USA. In USA I for instance visited the gambling cities Las Vegas and Atlantic City. I liked Las Vegas most, it was a crazy experience and I hope I will visit the city again some day. It would also be fun to do a travel to Macau, the new gambling city in Asia.

I have started this blog just for fun and want tell about interesting gambling stories, my own gambling sessions and maybe inform a bit about the casino world. Due to my occupation I prefer to be anonymous.

Best wishes// Secret Gambler

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