Lucky Day!

Lucky winnerToday I had an incredible lucky streak at the black jack table! In the end of the gambling session I had won £100!

For a while I won four times in a row! It was so thrilling. I also had the luck to get black jack two times during my gambling session. I played at William Hill as usual, not in the live casino, just in the ordinary web casino.  Now I shall celebrate with a good dinner at a local restaurant!

I used the Paroli system this time, it´s a betting system where you double your bet everytime you win and go back to you normal bet size everytime you loose. You decide by yourself how many times in a row you want to double up before you go back to normal betting size again. I choosed one time, I don´t like to put too much money at stake at one bet. That´s partly why poker with no limit doesen´t suits me, I don´t like the all in situation where you risk to loose all your money on one single hand.

I tend to use different betting systems from time to time when I play. Now it was a long time since I used the Paroli system so I decided to go with that one today. And that was apparently a success.

One thing I appreciate with black jack, that is that wherever you walk in to a casino the rules are almost the same everywhere! There are only minor differences, the concept is the same if you play standard black jack.

Next time I will try a new game of black jack at the online casino Leo Vegas that earlier this year was selected to the casino of the year by EGR. The new game are called Black Jack perfect pairs, I don´t know anything about it, just noticed it and became curious. So I might come back with a review of the game some day.

At Leo Vegas you always get 20 free spins when you register. The spins are available at Starburst I think. So if you like free spins, then visit Leo Vegas and create an account!

Now it´s time for celebration 🙂 See you soon.


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