Funny casino stories

roulette winnerThe casino history is full of crazy winning stories, sad tales about loosing streaks, shameless cheaters and smart coups.

One of these fantastic winning stories is the one about a lucky lady playing craps. In 154 consecutive stroke she managed to avoid hitting a seven! In craps hitting a seven means the end of the game. Nobody knows how much she won during this evening, it´s a secret she have kept for herself. But it was a profitable gambling session for sure!

I have never played craps. Like many others I think the game is to complicated to learn. But at the casinos there are always a very good mood around the craps tables. It also seems that they have very fun while they play. Someday I might try it if I found someone that have the patiance to learn me the rules!

Another gambling story is about betting. It goes back to the mid 60s when a man contacted the bookmaker William Hill and proposed a bet. Ha asked what odds he would get if he wanted to gamble on that a human would walk on something in space, like the moon or a planet, before the first of january 1971. The answer from William Hill that accepted the bet was 1000:1. The man put £10 at risk and won £10 000 when Neil Armstrong took the first step on the moon in 1969. A fantastic story!

By the way, William Hill is my first choice among online casinos! It´s fun to know that they sometimes accept bets from their customers. They normally have a huge betting section at their site so there is a big chance that you find the odds that you are looking for at William Hill. They where from the beginning a betting company that have incorporated online casino and poker to their gambling portfolio. In the casino you’ll find slots and various sorts of table games like black jack and roulette. In my next post I will tell you more about the company.

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