Poker is also fun

poker is funBlack Jack isn´t the only game you can play at a casino. Poker is also a fun game and you find it at casinos all over the world! It´s also a game more suitable for a teacher in matematichs since you have to count a lot to be successfull in poker 🙂 In black jack you always have to odds against you, but in poker you can count and calculate to see if the odds are the right to do the bet or not. You wont win all the time of course, but if you are a skilled player you will win more than you loose in the long perspective.

Despite this I like black jack more. I think that´s because I can leave the table whenever I want to. In poker you can´t just get up and leave in a middle of a tournament and in cash games I am an easy target because I´m so easy frightened since I am scared of loosing all my chips.

But poker is a fantastic social game. You can make new friends, have a fun time at the table and enjoy the excitement and the mental wrestling matches that goes on between the players.

Reading your opponents is almost as important as calculating your odds. If you are a good reader you can tell when someone is bluffing for example. Face expressions and body language is two things that can reveal a player, but there are a lot more to think about! The betting pattern and how your opponents talk for example. Some players talk more when they have a big hand, others talk less. Find out how the players around you handles various situations and use the information to your advantage!

A common misconception is that players get nervous and gives away tells when they are bluffing, in fact it´s the opposite. Players tend to become more nervous when they have a great hand than when they bluff. But of course there are exceptions, that´s why you shall study your opponents carefully before you jump to any conclusions. The professionals are also well aware of important tells and sometimes fakes them, so you can never be totally sure.

For a long time ago I read an article about that some beauty clinics had started to offer botox injections to poker players so that they more easily could hide face expressions and don´t give away so called tells to the other players. We tend to think we can read peoples minds by looking into their eyes and faces. And that´s a bit true, but there are also information in our body language that can reveal our feelings. I think someone in the article said something like this: it doesn´t help to have a botox injection in your face if your hands are shaking. I don´t remember the exact words but I think it was something like that. I thought the person had a very valid point in that.


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