Explanation of card counting in Black Jack

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  • June 20, 2016
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A card deck

I started to blog about movies and film about card counting. Now I feel that I have to explain what it is in more detail. So here is a small, not complete, guide to card counting and how it works.

In black jack you have more winning chances when the card in the remaining card decks are in high denominations. That´s why you count cards, to know when it´s good to bet high, and when you should bet small and wait for better winning chances.

To know if there is high or low cards left in the deck you count the cards that are dealt on the table. To make it easier card counters use the high/lo system which means that they count all cards from 2-6 as 1, all cards from 7-9 are counted as zero, and the jacks, queens, kings and aces are counted as minus -1.

To make use of the hi/lo value you have to calculate something that is called true count. You get the value of true count by dividing the hi/lo number with the number of remaining decks in the dealer shoe. That means you have to do an estimation of how many decks that are left in the shoe. When you have divided the hi/lo number with the true count number you know the true count value. If it´s high it´s good for you and you can bet high, if it´s low you should only make small bets.

If a true count value is considered high or not depends on how many card decks that are used in the game, in Black Jack this varies. Sometimes only one deck is used, sometimes up to six.

Card counting only works under certain circumstances, so if you are interested in card counting I advice you to read more advanced guides about the subject. This is just my simple and amateur explanation of it. But as you understand you have to be quick if you shall be able to count all cards that are dealt before they are swept off the table. You also need to have a good memory and be able to handle distractions without forgetting your counting. And don’t forget! You shall do all of this without being caught by the suspicious casino staff that are very well aware of the existence of card counters!

As I said in my previous post, I don´t think card counting is anything for me! I am to afraid of getting caught and I don´t think I have any good poker face. Speaking of poker face,  I will tell you something crazy about poker in my next post! Now I have to go and watch some soccer at the telly, it´s the European Championship and I don´t want to miss it!

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