Card Counting in Black Jack

Black jack and card countingAs a person interested in math and as a teatcher in matemathics I am very interested in card counting in Black Jack. Card Counting is a way to make the odds in the game to your favor by counting the cards that are dealt at the table. The casinos doesn´t like it of course, their business concept is making money by having an edge in the casino games. If their edge disappears they won’t do any money.

To avoid card counting the casinos have made up some rules that makes it more or less difficult to count cards, one thing is shuffling the decks after every played hand another is to not let new players join the game until the cards have been shuffled. When a casino finds a card counter they throw him or her out and gates them from coming back. Card counters is as you notice not welcome at casinos.

The book Bringing Down the House: The Inside Story of Six MIT Students Who Took Vegas for Millions is about card counting in Black Jack. The author Ben Mezrich tells a story about a group of students that go together and form a team in card counting. The idea is that they together will be more effective and make a lot of money on card counting if they cooperate. The story is partly true, and it´s a thrilling story about their activities at and outside the black jack tables.

If you have seen the film 21 you probably recognize the plot, the film is namely based on this book by Ben Mezrich.

Mezrich has written another book at the same theme, but I haven´t read it yet. However, It´s on my to do list. The first book was released in the year of 2002 and the second book that is named Busting Vegas came in 2005.

Although I am Interested in card counting and stories about it it´s not something I do. I just play according to the game strategy and hopes for the best. I have never tried to learn card counting, but I know how to do it theoretical. But to be able to practice it you have to rehearse and rehearse, but I don´t think I have the courage to walk into a casino and count cards while I am acting as an ordinary gambler. I think I would be exposed directly if I tried, and I am not interested in being banned from a casino!

Card counting, however, is a great example of how mathematics can solve a seemingly impossible problem. And mathematics is the science the casinos trust when they launch new games, because the casinos have to know that the odds in the games are in their favor and that the games will be profitable in the long run.

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