Welcome to my gambling blog

Gambling is one of my favourite hobbies and that´s the theme for this blog! I will write about anything that´s related to gambling and casino. I may focus a lot at Black Jack since it is one of my favourite games at the casino. But I will also tell you about other games like slots, poker and video poker for example. Video poker is not the same as poker, it´s played at a gambling machine that randomly deals you a poker hand. You can learn more about the game at videopoker.mn.

I like to play casino online, but sometimes I also visit landbased casinos and it has happened a whole lot of fun at these land based casinos throughout the history that I will tell you about.

If you are curious at card counting I think that I dare to promise you that I will cover the subject in this blog because that´s something that also fascinates me.

The reason to why I started this blog is that I want to share fun stories, both self-percieved and the ones that I have heard of. I also want to spread knowledge about casino games and get contact with other gamblers that I can exchange gambling tips with. But most of all I want to write down my own thoughts about what I experience in the casino world both online and outside the Internet.

Blogging will be a kind of diary writing for me, combined with tips and information to those of you who are looking for more knowledge about casino games.

I play at William Hill, that is a big bookmaker with a lot of gambling products at their website. I will probably tell you more about this in the blog.

If you want me to write about a specific subject, then contact me and tell me about your requests.

I wish you a nice day and I hope you will follow my blog.

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