RTP and where to find great slots

Since I played that Guns n Roses slot I have started to listen at Guns n Roses again! I am really glad I played the slot so that I could … Continue Reading →

Trying new games

Hello again! It´s been a while since last time. I lost a little interest in blogging, but now I´m back again. Last time I wrote about trying Black Jack perfect … Continue Reading →

Lucky Day!

Today I had an incredible lucky streak at the black jack table! In the end of the gambling session I had won £100! For a while I won four times … Continue Reading →

William Hill – a large bookmaker that I like

  • By secret gambler
  • October 16, 2016
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I ended my last post about telling you about William Hill that is my favourite bookmaker and where I most often play casino. William Hill is a british bookmaker that … Continue Reading →

Funny casino stories

The casino history is full of crazy winning stories, sad tales about loosing streaks, shameless cheaters and smart coups. One of these fantastic winning stories is the one about a … Continue Reading →

Poker is also fun

Black Jack isn´t the only game you can play at a casino. Poker is also a fun game and you find it at casinos all over the world! It´s also a … Continue Reading →

Explanation of card counting in Black Jack

  • By secret gambler
  • June 20, 2016
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I started to blog about movies and film about card counting. Now I feel that I have to explain what it is in more detail. So here is a small, … Continue Reading →

Card Counting in Black Jack

As a person interested in math and as a teatcher in matemathics I am very interested in card counting in Black Jack. Card Counting is a way to make the … Continue Reading →

Welcome to my gambling blog

Gambling is one of my favourite hobbies and that´s the theme for this blog! I will write about anything that´s related to gambling and casino. I may focus a lot … Continue Reading →